Sleeps: 4 Beds: 3 Baths 1

You may choose from two two-bedroom well-presented cabins. Each cabin has  natural gas heating.

The cabins each have one bedroom with a queen-size double bed and a second bedroom with two single beds.

Tariffs &

Special Conditions
Special rates apply for longer stays
Minimum  Booking Two Nights
Long weekends - Minimum  Booking three nights
Easter weekend - Minimum Booking four nights
Sorry, no pets
Key collection details will be forwarded upon booking.

Linen & Bedding

Blankets, pillows and all linen is supplied.

Terms of occupancy

1. Configuration

1.1 The two bedroom cabins for hire will each have:

(a) a bedroom with a queen bed; and

(b) a bedroom with two single beds.


2. Minimum occupancy

Minimum occupancy in the cabins is:

(a) three nights over NSW holiday long weekends;

(b) four nights over Easter; and

(c) two nights at other times of the year.


3. Tariffs

3.1 Tariffs for a two bedroom cabin are $145 per night for minimum occupancy.

3.2 Lower tariffs for longer stays can be negotiated with management.


4. Quiet and tidy occupancy


(a) will follow the reasonable directions of management in

their occupancy of the cabins;

(b) are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the cabins during their

period of hire of them; and

(c) will remove:

(i) all food and drink from fridges;

(ii) items they have brought into the cabins

(iii) all rubbish which shall be lawfully left in council

rubbish bins provided; and

(d) on departure:

(i) will wash and pack away crockery and cutlery;


(ii) will leave cabins in a clean and tidy condition.


5. Damage

Guests will be obliged to keep cabins hired in the same physical

condition as they enter them and must:

(a) immediately report; and

(b) meet the reasonable costs of rectifying:

any damage or breakage at a cabin or any theft or loss of

property from a cabin during hire.


6. Prohibitions

6.1 The following prohibitions apply to guests at the cabins as

conditions of occupancy:

(a) there are to be no parties and functions without prior

approval to which special conditions will apply;
(b) there is to be no behaviour that:

(i) may disturb neighbours including undue noise

including when persons enter or leave the cabins;

(ii) is unlawful;

(iii) may damage the cabins; or

(iv) causes offence or embarrassment to others; and

(c) there are to be no pets brought to the cabins.

6.2 A breach of these prohibitions entitles management to terminate

occupancy without refund of tariff for the agreed term of hire

and to impose extra charges for security, cleaning, garbage

removal, repairs or to meet other losses.


7. Management rights during occupancy

Management may during the occupancy of the guest:

(a) enter and attend a cabin under hire and its surrounds:

(i) on the same basis as a motel operator would

enter and attend an occupied motel suite

including for cleaning, to replenish supplies for

guests and to attend to repairs whether the need

to attend to those repairs arose during or prior to

the occupation of the guest; and

(ii) to attend to cleaning, waste disposal and

maintenance including plumbing or gardening;

so long as these entries by management ensure the

privacy and security of the person and possessions of the

guests and their companions;

(b) leave and store items in the cabins even though those

items may not be for the use of or be used by the guest;


(c) re-allocate a guest and companions staying for more than

one day to another cabin of the same or a better

standard by no later than 10 am on the following day on

giving the guest reasonable notice to re-locate by then.


8. Problem resolution

8.1 Where a guest has problem at a cabin the guest will notify

management as soon as possible so that the problem can be

rectified on a timely basis.




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